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Hiding Veggies – Onions

I’m really getting into hiding veggies in our food.  I know how great they are nutitionally.  So I decided to try one of the veggies I can’t personally stand 😀  Onions.  Ish.  The thought makes me cry lol

So I decided to chop up an onion and hide it in the ground beef along with the mushrooms.


I had about 10 pounds of ground beef to freeze.  So after I added the chopped onions and mushrooms, I decided to make burgers for dinner that night, and then make extra patties and freeze them for two dinners and the extra beef can be saved for meatloaf.




I bought freezer paper, cut them into squares and put patties in between them.  I had meant to add 2 eggs to the mixture before I formed the patties, but I forgot to.  They still turned out just fine, so I didn’t undo the freezer patties I formed.  I love burgers, but I hate forming them, so this was a great idea for me to freeze two different batches of patties for future meals.

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