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Hiding Veggies – Mushrooms

I know how nutritionally awesome mushrooms are. Has anyone done the research to figure out which mushrooms are the best to cook with?  I chatted with the produce manager at Hilltop Hy-Vee and learned that the darker the mushroom, the higher the vitamin content is.  So the brown portabellos are better than the white mushrooms.  But I know there are other types – shiitake, crimini, etc.

I chop up mushrooms, in this picture I used baby portabellos, and add them to ground beef. I fry up the mushrooms right along with ground beef. Then I put a pound of browned beef and mushrooms into freezer bags. Then it’s super easy to just grab one bag out of the freezer, add to spaghetti, tacos or chili.


I had three pounds of 93/7 ground beef that I split into two freezer bags of browned ground beef with mushrooms, and the other third I mixed with mushrooms, minced onion and an egg and put it in the ‘frig for a meatloaf dinner tomorrow 😀

What do you hide in your ground beef?

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