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Try This!

One of the things on my unofficial goals list is to try new things.  I’m not doing real well at this because I didn’t write down any specific things I want to try.  So, to help me follow through on this goal and to push myself to exercise some planning and self discipline skills, I’ve decided to  write down what I would like to try in 2012.  Each time I follow through and do one of the items listed below, I’ll post under the heading “Try This” and share with you how it went.  (No matter how well, or not, it goes.)  Here are the projects I’m going to attempt this month:

Oatmeal Bread

Homemade Valentine Cards

A T-shirt Rug on a Hula Hoop Loom

DIY Daily Planner

I’ll be honest and tell you I’m starting easy this month because I’ve already made the planner (post coming soon) and I’m making the bread tonight.  I’ll be attempting the valentine cards tomorrow.  So, the only big challenge left is the rug, but it’s a big challenge and I’ve been telling Payton that we can try it for almost a month and not followed through.  Hopefully, this will be the motivation I need to do this fun project.

Are you trying any new projects or recipes?  I’d love to hear what new things are on your “To-Do” list for 2012.

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