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Foaming Hand Soap

Anyone else sick of buying hand soap all the time?

A little over a year ago I found a fantastic deal on foaming hand soap from a certain bath store, so I bought four foaming hand soaps.  Once the soap was gone, I made my own.

I bought a medium size bottle of Castile Soap for less than $6 – I bought the peppermint scent from Dr. Bronner’s, however there are several other scents available.  I filled the foaming soap container with water until it reached about an inch below the neck of the bottle.  I then added one capful of the soap to the water, replaced the lid and shook it a few times.  Easy peasy.  I bought this last summer and I’ve only used about an inch worth of soap from the container.  So this will last us A LONG time and so worth it!

I bought that container of castile soap

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