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Turkey Sugar Cookies

These were really easy and fun to make with the family!

I bought Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough from the store and prepared it per the instructions.  I also cheated and used store bought frosting.  I Kept a bit of the white frosting, just enough to do little dots for the eyes on the cookies.  The rest I added orange food coloring to it.

I used the orange frosting to make the beaks and feet.  Then I put a line of orange frosting across the top where the “feathers” go – candy corn.

My kids thought it was fun to create their own “Turkeys”…

And Hubby had to make one of his own…

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Rice Krispie "Pumpkins"

These are perfect for Halloween or Thanksgiving time!  My friend, Amanda, made these…

Make the Original Rice Krispie Treats. I would add orange food coloring to the mix before you add the Rice Krispies until it’s a shade of orange you like.

Instead of pressing the mixture into a pan, roll a portion of the mix into the size “pumpkin” you desire.

Use a mini Tootsie Roll as a stem.

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Thanksgiving Veggie Platter

I had fun making this!  Options are endless, just add whatever veggies your family likes in a pattern for the feathers.

For the eyes, I used the ends of string cheese with raisin in the middle.  You could use a bit of frosting or little pieces of bread cut into little circles with dark food coloring dotted in the middle.

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