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Turkey Sugar Cookies

These were really easy and fun to make with the family!

I bought Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough from the store and prepared it per the instructions.  I also cheated and used store bought frosting.  I Kept a bit of the white frosting, just enough to do little dots for the eyes on the cookies.  The rest I added orange food coloring to it.

I used the orange frosting to make the beaks and feet.  Then I put a line of orange frosting across the top where the “feathers” go – candy corn.

My kids thought it was fun to create their own “Turkeys”…

And Hubby had to make one of his own…

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Rice Krispie "Pumpkins"

These are perfect for Halloween or Thanksgiving time!  My friend, Amanda, made these…

Make the Original Rice Krispie Treats. I would add orange food coloring to the mix before you add the Rice Krispies until it’s a shade of orange you like.

Instead of pressing the mixture into a pan, roll a portion of the mix into the size “pumpkin” you desire.

Use a mini Tootsie Roll as a stem.

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Thanksgiving Veggie Platter

I had fun making this!  Options are endless, just add whatever veggies your family likes in a pattern for the feathers.

For the eyes, I used the ends of string cheese with raisin in the middle.  You could use a bit of frosting or little pieces of bread cut into little circles with dark food coloring dotted in the middle.

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Halloween School Lunch

I wanted to do something fun for my kids for Halloween.  So I made them their lunches for school…

I used a marker to put a pumpkin face on a clementine.

I used a marker to make a ghost face on their cheesesticks.

I wrapped juice boxes with toiletpaper to make mummies.  I used the marker to make the eyes.

I put a few candy corns on top of their sandwiches.

Did you do anything fun for a meal or snack for your kids for Halloween?

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Halloween Costume – Butterfly/Fairy

Halloween can get cold here in Minnesota.  I’m a big fan of warm costumes.  I’m also all for cheap ones, too!  Here’s my 2-year-old in her costume that cost me less than $4.

All you need is…

1. A cute kid

2. Bright, warm clothes.  My little ones bright pink coat worked great!

3. A pair of wings.  I got these at Once Upon a Child for $2.50!

4. Glittery makeup.  I have some on hand, just to sprinkle around her eyes.  Bright pink blush would also make this really cute (I thought of that after I took the picture).

5.  Glow in the dark wand.  I got hers at The Dollar Store.

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Halloween Costume – Doctor/Nurse

Here’s a very simple costume, especially for you that work in the medical field and have access to scrubs in your closet for your child to wear!

All you need is…

1. A cute kid.

2. Scrubs or Surgery Scrubs (Check out Thrift Stores)

3. Surgery mask (could also use construction masks)

4. Hair net (for smaller children, a surgical booty – little scrubs that fit over a shoe – can be worn  on child’s head instead of a hair net)


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Halloween Costume – Bubble Bath

Here is a cute costume that you can make at home for pretty cheap!

All you need is…

1. A cute kid

2. White balloons, and mix in light pink or light blue if you want a splash of color.

3. White clothes for child.

4. A box wide enough to have around child’s waist (if you shop at Aldi, it’s a great place to get a box that big!)

5. Construction paper or printer paper to tape around box to make it white like a bathtub.

6. Suspenders, or other piece of material (rope, duct tape folded in half so it’s not sticky, etc) to attach to box in front and back, and long enough to go over child’s shoulders.

7.  Write a little sign on the front, such as “Hot Bubble Bath for 25c”

8.  Bath cap

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Halloween Costume – Cat

This is by far the easiest costume, as I’ve done this in the past.  You can get the pieces at the Dollar Store, or they are usually a great price at any Halloween costume store.

All you need is…

1. A cute kid

2. Headband with cat ears (buy it or attach two, black triangles to a dark headband you already have)

3. Black eyeliner – color in your nose and make whiskers

4. All black clothes

5.  If you don’t buy a set that comes with a tail, you can make your own by buying a strip of black fur from a hobby store, and pin it to the bottom of the back of your shirt, or to a belt loop.

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Halloween Costume – Princess Leia

Here are a couple different pictures of how two of my friend’s dressed up their little girls.  If your daughter’s hair is long enough, you can put it in two braided buns by her ears.  If not, my friend used 2 brown, rolled socks.  You could also use brown felt rolled into a bun.  The options are endless!

What you will need…

1.  A cute kid

2. A white/off white robe or oversized shirt or white dress

3. Belt

4.  For the hair if your daughter doesn’t have hair long enough to put in two braids, then you’ll need a headband that you can attach “fake” hair buns to, whether you use rolled up panty hose, brown socks, brown felt, whatever material you have :o)  Then glue it or staple it to the headband.

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Halloween Costume – Gnome

Seriously, I can’t stop giggling.  How cute is this little guy.  My friend, Carly, made this for her little one, and it’s an easy one to make!

All you need is…

1. A cute kid

2. Longsleeve, blue tshirt/sweatshirt

3. Brown pants

4. Belt

5. Red felt (Red tag board would work also, I’ve done that before)

6. White fur

The beard and hat are the only things she made.  She bought some white fur and cut it out in a long, narrow rectangle.  She folded and glued it in half so the scratchy side was inside and it was basically a long furry white tail.  Then she hand-sewed red felt into a cone and attached the beard on each side of the hat from the inside… it works like a chin-strap.  You could also use red tag board instead of felt and then staple it shut, and staple the fur to the inside of it.

First put the felt or tag board into a cone shape and then place on top of your child’s head until it sits comfortably without falling over his/her eyes.  Then staple it or sew it together.  Then place it back on your child’s head so you can see where to attach the “chin strap” of white fur so it doesn’t choke your little one, yet snug enough so it won’t fall off.

You can top off the costume by using some bright red/pink blush on your little one’s cheeks!

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