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Daily Feats

Want to earn free gift cards or coupons?  This is a very easy way to do soDaily Feats has a lot of things listed that you do during the day, and if you did it that day, you click on it to earn points.  Right now, which it can change, but hasn’t in several months, you can get a $5/$35 purchase coupon for Walgreen’s.  I rarely see these kinds of coupons for Walgreen’s.  I racked up quite a few points in a few short weeks, then forgot about it.  To be honest, Daily Feats helped me become more organized and a better mom for those weeks.  It would give me suggestions on things to do to earn points – like read to my child, which I realized I rarely do.  Or shut the TV off during dinnertime and have a real conversation with my children.  Or make a meal from scratch, which sounds tough, but it’s really fun, especially when you get your kids involved 😀 

There’s no referral bonus or anything for sending your friends to this site.  However, you can look them up once you are there and you can see what goals your friends are achieving.  Look me up 😀 – Carrie Powers Zeldenrust

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