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CVS Run 11-22-2012

on November 24, 2012

I hit up CVS again this week for their “Thanksgiving Sale”.  Here’s what I got…

Whoa, sorry about how blurry it is!

8 Holiday M&Ms $2.50 each

2 Carmex Lip Care clearanced at 41c each

7 Children’s Advil clearanced at 63c each

1 CVS Batteries $3.65

2 CVS Flossers $2 each

2 GUM Toothbrush 2 packs $2.50 each

1 Cheerios $2.87

1 Philips Earbuds $6.99

Total $47.74 (I actually had Duracell batteries on here for $14.79 to get the ECBs, but they didn’t ring up right, so I returned them the next day.  But they helped put me over the $50 mark to use an extra coupon)

Used $10/$50 CVS coupon

Used 4 – $1//2 M&Ms coupons

Used 2 – 30c off Carmex coupons

Used $3 off Duracell Batteries

Used 4 – $1 off Children’s Advil (By buying 7 of them at 63c each, their system took the full dollar amount off instead of reducing it, so I got 7 for 41c after the coupons!)

Used all ECBs from earlier this week $40.17

New Total $1.76 + tax

I returned the batteries and got $15.88 back

I received $29.64 in ECBs for next time!


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