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on October 25, 2012

Do you need a way to earn FREE gift cards to help pay for birthday presents, Christmas gifts or just to use for everyday essentials?  Then this is one “super” easy way to do it.


Superpoints.  All you do is push a button.  That’s it.  The button spins.  You can win points that add up to gift cards.  I’m personally saving up for PayPal cash to put into our house fund.  There’s many, many stores to chose from – Target, Walmart, Domino’s Pizza, iTunes, Home Depot, etc.  If you don’t want gift cards, there are also electronics like an iPad to save up for.

So, what are you waiting for? Superpoints is very easy.  Many times my kids fight over who gets to play “Mom’s Computer Game” and they get excited when they win me some points.

I only receive one email a day from Superpoints, and it has bonus points on it that range from 1 – 25 points.  I’ve personally received 25 bonus points several times 😀

What are you waiting for?  Go click and get some free stuff!



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