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Halloween Costume – Princess Leia

on October 22, 2012

Here are a couple different pictures of how two of my friend’s dressed up their little girls.  If your daughter’s hair is long enough, you can put it in two braided buns by her ears.  If not, my friend used 2 brown, rolled socks.  You could also use brown felt rolled into a bun.  The options are endless!

What you will need…

1.  A cute kid

2. A white/off white robe or oversized shirt or white dress

3. Belt

4.  For the hair if your daughter doesn’t have hair long enough to put in two braids, then you’ll need a headband that you can attach “fake” hair buns to, whether you use rolled up panty hose, brown socks, brown felt, whatever material you have :o)  Then glue it or staple it to the headband.


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