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Halloween Costume – Gnome

on October 20, 2012

Seriously, I can’t stop giggling.  How cute is this little guy.  My friend, Carly, made this for her little one, and it’s an easy one to make!

All you need is…

1. A cute kid

2. Longsleeve, blue tshirt/sweatshirt

3. Brown pants

4. Belt

5. Red felt (Red tag board would work also, I’ve done that before)

6. White fur

The beard and hat are the only things she made.  She bought some white fur and cut it out in a long, narrow rectangle.  She folded and glued it in half so the scratchy side was inside and it was basically a long furry white tail.  Then she hand-sewed red felt into a cone and attached the beard on each side of the hat from the inside… it works like a chin-strap.  You could also use red tag board instead of felt and then staple it shut, and staple the fur to the inside of it.

First put the felt or tag board into a cone shape and then place on top of your child’s head until it sits comfortably without falling over his/her eyes.  Then staple it or sew it together.  Then place it back on your child’s head so you can see where to attach the “chin strap” of white fur so it doesn’t choke your little one, yet snug enough so it won’t fall off.

You can top off the costume by using some bright red/pink blush on your little one’s cheeks!


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