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Halloween Costume – Popcorn

on October 10, 2012




To make the popcorn costume, I used a box, white wrapping paper, a red permanent marker, paper, and great foam. Leave one end of the box open for the legs, then cut out a head hole and arm holes. Make sure the head hole is generous, but you need some of the box left to glue the popcorn pieces onto the top. Then wrap the box (you can wrap it before, but I thought it was easier after). I free-handed the popcorn logo from a picture- just draw it in with pencil lightly, and use a ruler to get the lines straight for the stripes. Color in with the red marker. To make the popcorn, crunch up a couple pieces of paper together and cover with the great foam. I made a bunch of pieces in different sizes and then glued them to the top. The hat is just another popcorn piece that I hollowed out to fit his head, then made little holes and tied a piece of elastic to fit under his chin. I still have it if you want some more detailed pics.


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