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CVS Run 10/02/2012

on October 4, 2012

I’m not sure what’s going on, but I just wrote up how I got all of this for just over $9, and it posted it all blank 😦

And long story short, my 2-year-old daughter ran off with my receipt somewhere, so I couldn’t give a detailed list of it anyways.

My goal is to use my EBCs each week to buy things that will give me EBCs again, so maximize my savings.  So I used up my roughtly $15 in EBCs on this transaction, I received $5 in SavingStar savings, $5 EBC from Dove and $3 EBC from the candy.  I have $14 towards the $10 EBC from buying $30 in P&G products and will stop by CVS to buy the rest later this week.

Sorry for the dumb post.  I’m ticked I typed that all up and it posted nothing!  Ugh.  Technology.


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