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Halloween School Lunch

I wanted to do something fun for my kids for Halloween.  So I made them their lunches for school…

I used a marker to put a pumpkin face on a clementine.

I used a marker to make a ghost face on their cheesesticks.

I wrapped juice boxes with toiletpaper to make mummies.  I used the marker to make the eyes.

I put a few candy corns on top of their sandwiches.

Did you do anything fun for a meal or snack for your kids for Halloween?

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Walgreen's Run 10/30/2012

Here’s what I got on my quick stop into Walgreen’s tonight…

2 Nice Almonds B1G1 $3.50

6 Hunts tomato sauce 6/$2

Halloween Stationary 99c

$6.49 + tax

Anyone else not seeing fantastic deals at Walgreen’s lately?  Oh well.  I’m still getting used to their new points system.  I currently have 3000, from previous purchases.


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CVS Run 10/30/2012

I ran to CVS tonight, here’s what I got…

3 Pampers Pullups (can’t wait for Sylvia to be fully potty trained!) $8.99 each

2 Dawn Ultra 99c each

2 Dawn Hand Care 99c each

Used 2-$2 off Pampers

Used 2-50c off Dawn

Used 2-75c off Dawn Hand Care

Used $10 EBC from last week

Total $14.43 + tax

Received $10 EBC

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Halloween Costume – Butterfly/Fairy

Halloween can get cold here in Minnesota.  I’m a big fan of warm costumes.  I’m also all for cheap ones, too!  Here’s my 2-year-old in her costume that cost me less than $4.

All you need is…

1. A cute kid

2. Bright, warm clothes.  My little ones bright pink coat worked great!

3. A pair of wings.  I got these at Once Upon a Child for $2.50!

4. Glittery makeup.  I have some on hand, just to sprinkle around her eyes.  Bright pink blush would also make this really cute (I thought of that after I took the picture).

5.  Glow in the dark wand.  I got hers at The Dollar Store.

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What's on Sale?


Wondering what’s on sale this week?  Looking for coupon match-ups to help you find rock bottom stock up prices?  We are too!  Here’s where we go when we want to find the best weekly deals or coupon match-up.  Just click on your favorite store’s logo above to see the current deals for that store.

Are there other stores you shop at regularly that you would like to see linked here?  Let us know and we would be happy to add them for you!

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Financially Fit Friday

“When real faith grips you, you develop a mind-set that looks for the best in everything, refuses to give up, finds a way around or through every obstacle, and presses on to victory.”

– Norman Vincent Peale

Have you started a money makeover? What are you planning on paying CASH for? What bill are you paying off? Share a bit of your story! No story is too small to share! Real life stories keep Carrie motivated 😀 Catch up on Our Story to see how far we’ve come.

Emergency Fund – $1000 – Stocked

House Fund – Goal $30,000.00 by 3/31/2013. This will cover the down payment, closing costs, as well as “sprucing up” the home to make it our own – aka, new furniture, paint, bedding, fencing for the backyard, swing set, etc. It will also be used to fix up our side of the duplex we are living in so it is ready for new renters.

  • Deposited $5.14 in spare change.
  • Deposited $134.97 in leftover income
  • Deposited $48.98 from a refund
  • Deposited $41 in leftover grocery budget
  • Deposited $6.55 from Once Upon a Child
  • Withdrew $236.64 for a dishwasher :o)
  • Currently Saved $5,407.17

Likes | Tumblr

The following are the other loans we currently have, but will put them on the back burner as we save for a house bigger than a 2-bedroom for our family of SIX 😀 We plan on keeping the duplex we currently own, and renting out the side we currently live in, thus earning more money each month that will pay these off for us 😀

Hubby’s Student Loan as of 10/01/2011 $9395

  • Outstanding Balance is $8,766.48

My Student Loan as of 10/01/2011 $6480

  • Outstanding Balance is $6,017.26

Family Loan $3000 – I was told to keep this and put this towards a new house, since the person doesn’t need this money right now 😀 Bonus 😀

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Money Saving Mom's 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life

This is one eBook that I am needing to read.  I have so much on my plate seems like, that I just can’t get it all done.  I’m hoping this eBook will help me to figure out what is truly necessary to do in my life, and to be ok with letting go of some of the other things I feel is necessary to do, but is really not.  I want to spend time exercising and more time with my family.  Neither of which I’ve figured out yet.  If you’d like to buy her eBook – it’s $4.99.  The price goes up each day this week, so grab it now.  How can you not afford to spend 99c to start getting your life on track?!

Crystal Paine is the awesome lady that runs Money Saving Mom – a website I’ve used several times to get ideas on how to achieve my financial goals, as well as family fun ideas!  I’ve also read another one of her books, which was a very easy read.  I’m not one to read books with complicated ideas or ones that have really big words in them :o)

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Do you need a way to earn FREE gift cards to help pay for birthday presents, Christmas gifts or just to use for everyday essentials?  Then this is one “super” easy way to do it.


Superpoints.  All you do is push a button.  That’s it.  The button spins.  You can win points that add up to gift cards.  I’m personally saving up for PayPal cash to put into our house fund.  There’s many, many stores to chose from – Target, Walmart, Domino’s Pizza, iTunes, Home Depot, etc.  If you don’t want gift cards, there are also electronics like an iPad to save up for.

So, what are you waiting for? Superpoints is very easy.  Many times my kids fight over who gets to play “Mom’s Computer Game” and they get excited when they win me some points.

I only receive one email a day from Superpoints, and it has bonus points on it that range from 1 – 25 points.  I’ve personally received 25 bonus points several times 😀

What are you waiting for?  Go click and get some free stuff!


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Halloween Costume – Doctor/Nurse

Here’s a very simple costume, especially for you that work in the medical field and have access to scrubs in your closet for your child to wear!

All you need is…

1. A cute kid.

2. Scrubs or Surgery Scrubs (Check out Thrift Stores)

3. Surgery mask (could also use construction masks)

4. Hair net (for smaller children, a surgical booty – little scrubs that fit over a shoe – can be worn  on child’s head instead of a hair net)


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Halloween Costume – Bubble Bath

Here is a cute costume that you can make at home for pretty cheap!

All you need is…

1. A cute kid

2. White balloons, and mix in light pink or light blue if you want a splash of color.

3. White clothes for child.

4. A box wide enough to have around child’s waist (if you shop at Aldi, it’s a great place to get a box that big!)

5. Construction paper or printer paper to tape around box to make it white like a bathtub.

6. Suspenders, or other piece of material (rope, duct tape folded in half so it’s not sticky, etc) to attach to box in front and back, and long enough to go over child’s shoulders.

7.  Write a little sign on the front, such as “Hot Bubble Bath for 25c”

8.  Bath cap

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