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Financially Fit Friday

on September 14, 2012

“When real faith grips you, you develop a mind-set that looks for the best in everything, refuses to give up, finds a way around or through every obstacle, and presses on to victory.”

– Norman Vincent Peale

Have you started a money makeover? What are you planning on paying CASH for? What bill are you paying off? Share a bit of your story! No story is too small to share! Real life stories keep Carrie motivated 😀 Catch up on Our Story to see how far we’ve come.

Emergency Fund – $1000 – Stocked

Computer Fund – $350 by 9/30/2012. I’m tired of copying and pasting numbers one through four, and number nine sometimes. I also can’t type an exclamation mark, question mark, at sign or number sign, as well parentheses and half the time the shift key doesn’t allow me to make a letter into a capital letter. My computer lasts for a split second when unplugged. I haven’t been posting recipes lately because I don’t have the patience to copy and paste that many numbers and you should see how long it takes for me to post a FFF post every Friday.

  • Total $350.00

House Fund – Goal $30,000.00 by 3/31/2013. This will cover the down payment, closing costs, as well as “sprucing up” the home to make it our own – aka, new furniture, paint, bedding, fencing for the backyard, swing set, etc. It will also be used to fix up our side of the duplex we are living in so it is ready for new renters.

  • Deposited $30 from selling things on the Mankato Facebook Garage Sale.
  • Deposited $12 from a survey
  • Deposited $10 from Superpoints
  • Deposited $7.05 in spare change.
  • Deposited $867.94 in leftover income
  • Currently Saved $4,754.51

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The following are the other loans we currently have, but will put them on the back burner as we save for a house bigger than a 2-bedroom for our family of SIX 😀 We plan on keeping the duplex we currently own, and renting out the side we currently live in, thus earning more money each month that will pay these off for us 😀

Hubby’s Student Loan as of 10/01/2011 $9395

  • Outstanding Balance is $8,872.28

My Student Loan as of 10/01/2011 $6480

  • Outstanding Balance is $6,095.23

Family Loan $3000 – I was told to keep this and put this towards a new house, since the person doesn’t need this money right now 😀 Bonus 😀



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