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Try This! Patriotic Tin Can Windsock

on September 11, 2012

I was looking for a patriotic type idea to post as we approach 9/11 and came across this idea on Pinterest.  (You knew that was coming right?)   I am a big fan of re-using and recycling things, not only because it creates less waste, but because it’s frugal.  (of course)

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t actually have any of what was needed to make this cute project on hand when I decided to try it.  (That would have been way too easy, right?)  But hey, it was Labor Day weekend and we didn’t have plans, so why not make a big mess and call it a family bonding experience?

If you want the detailed directions and nicely illustrated tutorial, click on the photo to the right, or follow this link.  If you want to see the mess the kids and I made, just scroll down.  Enjoy!!


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