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Getting Organized – Your Product Stash

on September 6, 2012

I’m an odd person.  Yes you can agree.  I cannot stand when my closets, cupboard, freezer and refrigerator are not organized.  My floor and table and counters can be messy, but when what lies behind closed doors are chaotic, I want to pull my hair out.  Here’s what I have found to work fantastic in organizing my stash of products…

Within the next few weeks, you’ll see these crates go on clearance from the Back to School sales.  I got most of mine at Target, but I know I picked up a few from Walmart and they are the exact same thing.  Anything below $2.50 a piece is the cheapest I have ever seen them go.  I’m going to be buying more this year again once I see them below that price. 

I then organize each crate.  I have one crate with Oral Care products – toothpaste, mouth wash, toothbrushes, etc.  Another crate holds Hair Care products – shampoo, hair spray, conditioner, etc.  A third one will hold my cleaning supplies.  This way of organizing also shows me what I have plenty of, and what I need to stock up on once I find a great sale.  For example, I need toothbrushes, but have at least two years’ worth of toothpaste!  Had I kept these organized over the last few months, I would have realized I didn’t need to stock up on toothpaste on that last great sale.  However, I also have a different colored bucket in the closet, this one being red, that I put extra items in to donate.  


After picture of my organized stash.  Please ignore the blue paint that was spilled on the floor and the pile of baby powder shaken by a really cute kid lol

How do you organize your great finds?


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