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Hy-Vee Run

One good thing about getting off work after midnight is I can hit the Hy-Vee sales while everyone else sleeps ūüėÄ

8 boxes Crispex $1.80 each (sale ends Saturday), used 2-$4/4 Kellogg’s coupons, NLA

6 boxes Candy Cane Jello Pudding 25c each (clearance isle 16/17), used 3-50c/2 coupons SS 03/25/12

Udi’s Cinnamon Rolls $6.19, used FREE Udi’s product, NLA

Ground beef $2.49, used $1 off WYB Philly Cooking Creme peelie at store

Philly Cooking Creme $2.79, used $1.50 coupon NLA

Kraft Fresh Taste $2.79, used FREE product coupon from Kraft First Taste program

4 – 1lb strawberries $1.48 each

Organic baby carrots $1.68

Total $14.28

Plus, have you found the $10 rebate WYB 10 of certain Kellogg’s cereals?¬† ūüėÄ

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Spring Cleaning – Day Three

Well, I guess I’m making progress. ¬†I didn’t get very far yesterday, not even through the kitchen. ¬†I was really kind of disappointed with myself. ¬†In fact, I was a big grump to the kids this morning and I think it was mainly because I felt like I had let myself down. ¬†I gave myself a pep talk, and finally finished the kitchen this afternoon. Because it motivates me, I thought I’d share my progress before I go tackle the stinky bathroom. ¬†(Yuck!!)

Remember the before pics?


Although it took me quite a while, here are the “Afters:”


The funny part is, that the things that took me longest aren’t even visible in the photo. ¬†(Washing cupboard doors, scrubbing the stove top, microwave and sink) ¬†You’ll just have to trust me when I say that my house has never been quite as clean as it is becoming this week. ¬†Even the Hubby noticed AND commented on it yesterday.

All right, on to the stinky bathroom. ¬†If I’m not back by tomorrow, you may want to send in a rescue crew……..

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Top Retail Deals

If you are heading out shopping this weekend, check out this list of the best current retail deals, thanks to Laurie at Passionate Penny Pincher.  (Hover over each deal to link to the coupon.)

To see the rest of the deals, click through HERE.

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Spring Cleaning – Day Two, Part One

Good Morning!! ¬†It’s Day Two of Spring Cleaning for Katie. ¬†You can catch up on what I’ve done so far HERE. ¬†I’m off to a slow start this morning, as I ended up taking the teenager in to the clinic for her cough and cold. ¬†Turns out she’s been so miserable and tired because she has walking pneumonia. ¬†Quick trips to Walgreen’s and Target for lotion Kleenex, Gatorade and Zithromax and now she’s hanging out downstairs on the couch and I’m just starting my to do-list for the day.

I’m tackling the kitchen, dining room and upstairs bathroom today. ¬†I’m not sure I will get all three done in one day, but I’m giving it my best shot and hoping I can get some help from the two younger cherubs after school with a few of the tasks. ¬†These three rooms are heavily used and abused on a daily basis and were sorely neglected yesterday so they are about as bad as they ever get in the photos. ¬†(I should point out that I’ve completely embarrassed the teenager by posting these “before” photos online. ¬†She is quite disturbed that “people we know will see them.”)

Here’s what I’m up against today. ¬†Kitchen:




Notice the broken drawer? ¬†It’s been broken far too long and given way too many scratches. ¬†This WILL get fixed today, even if the rest of the mess has to wait until tomorrow.

Living Room:


Now you understand why I’m not sure I’ll get it all done today. ¬†I am going to give it my best effort though. ¬†I also have several appointments to schedule and a few other household tasks on my to-do list. ¬†I’ll need to make sure to get those done.

Don’t forget to check back to see my progress tonight. ¬†I’ll be posting again at the end of the day, hopefully with some great “After” photos. ¬†Have a productive day!!!

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Do you need a way to earn FREE gift cards to help pay for birthday presents, Christmas gifts or just to use for everyday essentials?¬† Then this is one “super” easy way to do it.


Superpoints.¬† All you do is push a button.¬† That’s it.¬† The button spins.¬† You can win points that add up to gift cards.¬† I’m personally saving up for PayPal cash to put into our house fund.¬† There’s many, many stores to chose from – Target, Walmart, Domino’s Pizza, iTunes, Home Depot, etc.¬† If you don’t want gift cards, there are also electronics like an iPad to save up for.

So, what are you waiting for?¬† Superpoints is very easy.¬† Many times my kids fight over who gets to play “Mom’s Computer Game” and they get excited when they win me some points.

I only receive one email a day from Superpoints, and it has bonus points on it that range from 1 – 25 points.¬† I’ve personally received 25 bonus points several times ūüėÄ

What are you waiting for?  Go click and get some free stuff!

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Spring Cleaning 2012 – Day One, Part Two

Earlier today, I shared my plans for spring cleaning with you. ¬†When I wrote that post, I had cleaned my entry and was getting ready to start project #2, the Dining Room. ¬†Before I head to my comfy chair for some relaxation time, I thought I’d let you know how the end of the day went.

I picked up the junk laying around first, but then had to run to school to pick up the cherubs.  I also ran to the store to pick up some supplies I needed, including a new trash can and recycling container.  In case you missed the first post, here is what the dining room looked like BEFORE:


Once we got home from the store, I also had to start making supper.  I did some cleaning while I browned hamburger and veggies for our doctored up Hamburger Helper.  (The focus today was on cleaning, not cooking, but I did add some chopped up mushrooms, onions and green peppers to the box mix to make it a little less processed.)  After we ate, I finished up by cleaning the table and chairs and scrubbing the floor.

I also had a wonderful surprise when Peanut volunteered (almost begged, really) to scrub the floor while I spot cleaned the walls. ¬†(That really means I washed the entire bottom half, but didn’t bother with the top half) ¬†She did a great job and I am so proud of her for VOLUNTEERING to help.

We got everything done, homework finished and this update done by 8:15 pm. ¬†Not bad for my first day of “vacation.”

I’ll be back tomorrow with Day Two adventures. ¬†Here’s a sneak peak at one of the most difficult to keep clean “hot spots” in the house. ¬†It’s also number one on my cleaning list for tomorrow!

Tune in tomorrow to see how much better it will look in the “After” photo. ¬†Have a great night!!

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Target Run

I made¬†a run to Target this week to take advantage of some pretty awesome deals…


Bread $1.27

2 Crayola My First Crayons $2.69 each

Dove Milk Chocolate Eggs $3.50

Used FREE bread coupon I got in the mail

Used 2 – $2 off Crayola My First Product, NLA

Stacked with 2 – $1 off Target coupon, reduced to 69c

Submitted for $5 Target gift card for buying Dove chocolate

Total – $3.50 + tax + $5 Target gift card

Then I ran back to¬†get a few more things…

Halo MegaBloks $18.00

3 Transformers $12.99 each

Bananas 24c/lb = $2.16

3 small nail clippers – $1.42 each

3 large nail clippers – $1.97 each

2 Nail buffers – $2.99 each

Used 50% off MegaBloks Target coupon

Used $5 off MegaBloks coupon from rebate

Used 3 – $4 Target Transformers coupons

Used 3 – $4 Manufacturer Transformers coupons

Used 4 – $5/2 Revlon Target coupons

Subtotal $17.11 + tax ūüėÄ

What did you get at Target this week?

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Walgreen's Run

I made a run to Walgreen’s and this is what I grabbed…



2 Kotex U’s – 2/$7

Used 2 – $1 off coupons

1 Mentholatum $5.99

Total – $10.99 + tax

Received $3 Kotex RR, $5 Metholatum RR
What did you get at Walgreen’s this week?

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Corn Dog Muffins

My 3-year-old loves these and asked for these for every meal for days.

This is a simple recipe.

1 box Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix
2 hot dogs (I use turkey dogs)
Prepare the Jiffy mix according to the box, mix in chopped up hot dogs and bake per recipe on the box.

Optional – add a handful of cheddar cheese, shredded.

This makes about 6 large muffins. You can use your own recipe for corn bread muffins ūüėÄ

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Spring Cleaning 2012

Hi all! ¬†I know I have been a delinquent blog host lately, and I apologize for not getting any new content out here for you in quite a while. ¬†(Thank goodness you still have Carrie.) ¬†I’ve really enjoyed her posts lately and am going to have to try some of her yummy recipes soon. ¬†(The drive thru and buy as you go unplanned meal plan binge we are on is killing my budget!) ¬†Today, though, I thought I’d offer up some entertainment for all of you. ¬†A three day series, in many small parts, to let you see what a disaster my home has become and how I intend to fix it.

A few months ago, Carrie took us through as she de-cluttered and cleaned her home, room by room. ¬†I was inspired, but didn’t follow through at my own house. ¬†This week I have 3 days off, mandatory vacation days, and I’m intending to put them to good use. ¬†We have confirmation for the teenager in one month and this house is NOT ready for guests.

I started with making a list, because crossing things off a list is motivating for me, and helped me focus on what I wanted to accomplish. ¬†I also need direction when it comes to cleaning. ¬†To be quite honest, I stink at it. ¬†One of my old favorites for cleaning direction is ¬†She has great lists that help me “remember” what I need to clean in each room and give me things I can write down and cross off. ¬† I started with the entry and it took all morning because I am also easily distracted. ¬†I forgot the before pics, but it really does look nice now:


My next room is the dining room. ¬†It’s also a disaster and I since I haven’t started it yet, you get to see just what a mess it is:


Since making supper is on my to-do list for today, I guess I better get moving. ¬†Hopefully I’ll have an update for you (after supper clean up) and it will look much better then. ¬†Wish me luck!!

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