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Menard's Ad 1/30/11

Thanks, Pocket Your Dollars, for putting together this week’s matchups for Menard’s.

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Money Saving Mom's 31 Weeks to a Better Grocery Budget

Crystal over at Money Saving Mom has started a series where every Monday she does a short clip (3+ minutes) on how to help you get your grocery budget under control.  She’s already on Lesson 4, but I think for those of you that are new at this, or want to learn a few new tricks, check this out.  We’ll try to post her updated lesson each week.  But for now, take 20 minutes and get caught up on her series.  Baby steps.  That’s all it is!  No matter where you live, you can cut your grocery budget.  And when that happens, what would you like to do with all that extra money you are saving?!  After our trip to Indiana, I (Sister C) want to pay off 2 loans and start saving big time for our new home!  That’s my goal in doing all of this, and every friday I’ll update you on our progress!

Go HERE to get caught up on her lessons!  Let me know what you think and what you have learned.

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Free Stride Gum

LIKE Stride on Facebook and you’ll get yourself a free pack!

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Meijer Ad 1/30/11

Go HERE to see what the great deals are at Meijer!  When I stopped at a Meijer while in Indiana I loved it!  They had fantastic deals and I wish I could have done my grocery shopping while on vacation. 

Thanks, Deal Seeking Mom!

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Free Trial of Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses

Do you wear contact lenses?  Check this out HERE.  You can get a free trial pair of contact lenses, plus if you like them, there are rebates when you buy them!

Thanks for the heads up, Karly!

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Hamburger Helper Coupon

HERE’S a 50c off coupon for Hamburger Helper.  These go on sale quite often for $1 per box.  Right now, in Mankato they are on sale at Cub for $1, but that ends today. 
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Manly Mondays

For those of you in Mankato, head on over to Applebee’s after 4pm to grab any of their burgers for only $5!  That’s right, $5!  Start off with their wings for $5, too!  What’s the best drink to go with those wings and burger?  That’s right, beer!  Grab a pitcher of beer for only $5 also!  So, grab your sweetie and head over there.  If she has a burger also, you’re looking at $20 for everything.  Make sure to leave your server a great tip!  ;o)

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Hey, Mom! What's for dinner?

What’s on your plate for dinner tonight?

Sister C’s fam is going to eat up the nearly free boxes of Yakosoba she got a few weeks ago at Walmart.  I might grill up some chicken to go with it. 

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Hy-Vee Text Alerts

If you shop at Hy-Vee, make sure to sign up for their NOWWOW program!  Sister C does!  I receive roughly 1-2 per day, and you pick the time of day you want to receive it.  I also signed up for all alerts, so I get more than some of you may want, which is what I like about this program – you choose how many you want.  If you get unlimited texting through your provider, then sign up for all of them.  Standard rates apply per your cell contract. 
Example – A few weeks ago I received a text for a 12 pk of Coke for 99c!  I’m not a pop drinker, but for that price I buy it and hide it for a special occasion.  I’ve also received one for 99c Jack’s pizza.  There will be a code at the bottom, and you just have the cashier type it in their register.  Easy Peasy!
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Rainbow Foods Ad 1/30/11

HERE’S your ad for Rainbow (also Pick n Save and Copp’s).  I miss our Rainbow Foods in Mankato.  I always loved that store. 

Thanks for the heads up, Pocket Your Dollars!

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